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Le Monde is not Just for French

I like the current app, user friendly and readeble from my I phone. The best way to follow an influential and international voice and to improbe my French!

Great app!!

Le Monde keeps me up with whats going on in the world better than any US news agency. I even get notices of US news faster from Le Monde than from US news agencies!

Easy to use app

I got the app to try to have some French in my day. It has been a pleasant surprise. Works better than any other news app I have including the NYT.

Great app

Could improve the visual interface, though


La meilleure. I like both the format - very simple to grasp at first sight "where we are" - and the way the articles are written: very, very well written.

Great App

Push notifications are relevant & on time. I like the writing style & timely information.

Very nice, but the advertising is annoying

I am even not a car owner...

One of the best news apps

In my opinion, this is the best free app of a francophone newspaper. Owesome stylish design, fast interface and almost no advertisment. I am using it quite a while but did not experience any crashes. That is why five stars.

Excellent product

Even if you dont subscribe, the free 15 articles are worth using the app


This is one of the best application, very informative, help me improve my French, very up to date, easy to use, prompt on the world news, simply one of the best on world news information

Too many spams and ads again !! They Stopped this for a while but le monde probably needs money

Open itunes without advise to download games... Or useless aps Too many ads . And only 15 articles per month This doesn t encourage to pay to get the full content of LeMonde ... Getting worse each and every release


Le Monde is one of the best daily newspapers of the world . It is objective and informative . The app is good but there is room for improvement

Cant use if not a subscriber

Le Monde will now inform you about how many free articles you can read in a month with a non-dismissible black window in the middle of the screen. It hides most of the content and there is no way to close the notification. So reading the live feed or an article becomes impossible if youre not a subscriber. Le Monde will charge a steep fee (eventually over $250 per year, higher than NYT) to read more than 15 articles. The limit seems to apply to viewing blogs and reader comments, not even from journalists! This pricing is not even clearly stated. Not good practices.

The Monde app

I love this app, it keeps me informed with news wherever I am. Couldnt live without it...

User-friendly and informative

Displays clearly on my IPhone 6S, easy to swipe from article to article. Adverts somewhat annoying but minor nuisance.

Difficult to read

Every time I click on any news, the whole text that appears is wider than the screen of my iPhone 5s, which is of course VERY uncomfortable to read.


Too many adds and not accurate in limited monthly allowed articles

Helps me stay connected with my home country

I check this app several times a day to stay current on whats happening in my home country but also to see how international news are addresses in France comparison to how they are here in the US.


The best news in an easy way to search.


Its absolutely gorgeous

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